PW AMC Adds New Research Capacity

UConn’s Pratt Additive Manufacturing Center adds new research capacity

Produced by Poestenkill, N.Y.-based Dynamic Systems Inc., the so-called Gleeble 3500 system tests materials and conducts materials simulations in order to optimize manufacturing processes. The resulting data and insight can then be transferred to plant production lines, reducing the cost, risk and time in manufacturing, says Rainer Hebert, director of the center.

Researchers at UConn say the system can simulate the additive manufacturing process and generate material performance data to better inform computer modeling simulations, which is critical when it comes to refining metallic 3-D-printing processes, alloy development and post-build material characterization.

UConn and DSI have created a formal research collaboration that will provide UConn with advanced training opportunities, a funded research project, access to new components and features. UConn also will have increased access to DSI R&D teams to collaborate on new projects and offerings.