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X-ray tomography

What We Do


At The IPB…

We educate

graduation cap

We provide:

Valuable educational opportunities and financial funding for our students, faculty and partners

Project-based learning for globally distributed teams of students

Research, outreach and training programs

Certificate and degree programs

Workshops and seminars

Industry co-op and internships for students

We generate economic benefit

graph iconThe IPB promotes and provides:

Critical workforce development by cultivating top technology talent

Targeted strategies to

Enhance an expert’s technology-based manufacturing capabilities

Produce competitive products and services

Stimulate direct job growth

A hub for industrial outreach for small and medium size companies

New manufacturing processes and products


Economic development regionally, state-wide and beyond

We provide practical solutions for the future

group iconIPB research promotes:

Delivery of reliable power

Enhanced cyber and physical infrastructure security for industry, government and individuals

Improved components such as those found in medical devices and polymeric materials for biomedical applications

Advancement to the next generation of storm outage forecasting

Development of best practices for healthy and storm-resistant forest design

Increased efficiency in energy storage, fuel cells, clean energy

We innovate and collaborate in a world class facility

lightbulb iconThe Innovation Partnership Building.

One of the world’s foremost facilities

Some of the best characterization laboratories in the world

A premier facility for metal additive manufacturing and microscopy applications

A hot-spot for innovative, collaborative, cross-disciplinary research with industry partners

Where cutting edge transformative research happens

Where we create novel ideas for the future