Innovation, meet Creativity

UConn Tech Park is delighted to feature the artwork of Digital Media and Design (DMD) Graduate Assistants Yucheng Hang and Maria Raykova. In an art-meets-science partnership, Yucheng and Maria created these imaginative designs based on microscopy images provided by IPB researchers.

Yucheng Hang
"This piece of artwork connects the micro world with the macro world. The geometry of the original image inspired me to animate it and create a feeling of being in the universe." 

Material: Solid-state de-wetted gold microparticles
Image: Courtesy of Tyler Flanagan



Maria Raykova
“In the original image from Talos, the clump of irregular particles reminded me of grains of sand. My inspiration for this piece came from Corrie Francis Parks, an experimental animator who works with individual grains of sand hashtag#instagram: @individualgrains). The diversity of particle shapes and sizes is enhanced by the addition of fanciful IPB-themed colors.”


Material: Magnetic-Core Nanoparticles with Crosslinked Polymer Shell for Biomedicine
Sample: Courtesy of David Loe &  Jessica Rouge, Ph.D.
Image: Courtesy of Lucas Parent 


Maria Raykova
"Without knowing the scale, this simple pattern could represent grains of rice, a cobblestone floor, or tiny insect eggs. In reality, each of these rounded shapes is only about 20 nanometers long. A single image can have countless interpretations, literal or symbolic, depending on one’s point of view. Similarly, nanorods like those pictured here may have diverse applications, ranging from electronics to cancer treatments." 


Material: AuCu Alloyed Nanorods
Sample: Courtesy of Xudong Wang


Yucheng Hang
"The original image shows K-OMS-2 crystal clusters growing on a single fiber of carbon cloth about 60 micrometers long. The microscopic pattern is beautiful and elegant. It reminded me of pine leaves or a planthopper nymph’s fluff. It is amazing to discover the similarities between the microscopic world and nature in one image. So, I painted it in three different colors to highlight the patterns and evoke different feelings."


Material: K-OMS-2 Crystal Clusters
Sample: Courtesy of Xueni Huang
Image: Courtesy of Lamya Tabassum


Maria Raykova
"While staying at home due to COVID-19, many people have picked up creative hobbies to pass time and relieve stress. This image of Kikuchi lines reminded me of the mandalas that are often seen in coloring books for adults. It is believed that methodical activities like baking or coloring are especially comforting because they allow us to feel in control. Fittingly, these Kikuchi lines are a visualization of crystalline structures, characterized by order and symmetry. In the midst of chaos, I hope this image offers a moment of clarity."


Material: Kikuchi lines in a convergent beam diffraction pattern (CBED) of CrNb
Sample: Courtesy of Roger Ristau


Yucheng Hang
"The original image shows a cross section of integrated circuit of the latest 7 nm technology node. For me it looks like a row of candles on the water. Therefore, I painted it with the candlelight color and made these candles swaying in the wind. "


Material: Semiconductor integrated circuit
Sample: Courtesy of Haiyan Tan


Maria Raykova
"Human nature compels us to seek knowledge, like moths forever drawn to a light. This image is a humble tribute to those who have devoted their lives to scientific research, working tirelessly to banish the darkness."


Material: Polycrystalline ceramic
Sample: Courtesy of Roger Ristau


Yucheng Hang
"When I narrowed my eyes and looked at the original image, I found that the darker dots seemed to form some patterns, which inspired me. I decided to connect these dots into different constellations. The yellow one is Capricorn, purple is Cassiopeia, blue is Cancer, orange is Aries, green is Pisces and red is Taurus. I found it interesting to express the macro world with elements of the micro world."


Material: CdSe-CdS core-shell quantum dot
Sample: Courtesy of Xudong Wang


Maria Raykova
Title: "Eye Spy"


Material: Microporous material (MoVTeNbO)
Sample: Courtesy of Yanliu Dang


Yucheng Hang