A Better Way to Make Acrylics

Acrylics and the closely related acrylates are the building blocks for many kinds of plastics, glues, textiles, dyes, paints, and papers. Now researchers from UConn and ExxonMobil describe a new process for making acrylics that would increase energy efficiency and reduce toxic byproducts. (Getty Images)


  1. UConn Professor Steve Suib’s research with ExxonMobil featured on DoE-Office of Science web site
  2. Professor Suib, director of UConn’s Institute for Materials Science and CAMMA has partnered with colleagues at UConn and ExxonMobil to design a new way of making acrylics at mild temperatures. The novel technique would increase energy efficiency and reduce toxic byproducts, as reported in the Feb. 8 issue of Nature Communications.