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Moving Beyond Implications: Research into Policy Inaugural Conference

UConn Tech Park responded to a call for researchers to shape policies that optimize benefit to Connecticut’s communities, environment, and economy. Interim Executive Director Emmanouil Anagnostou and Professor George Bollas, along with other researchers and academicians, participated in the inaugural “Moving Beyond Implications: Research into Policy” conference at the State Capitol. This event fosters collaboration between policymakers and researchers, promoting evidence-based policymaking in the state. Anagnostou and Bollas presented topics related to the impact of extreme rainfall on water infrastructure and non-carbon-based fuels, respectively, contributing to the dynamic discussion on how scientists can inform future policy decisions for impactful results.

Check out the UConn Today article, “Conference to Unite Legislators and Scientists in Joint Effort to Strengthen Connecticut” for additional details on the conference’s objectives and background.

Co-organizers State Rep. Jaime Foster and Kerri Raissian provide post-conference commentary in the CT Mirror article, “For progress, put Connecticut lawmakers and researchers in the same room.”

Registration Open for New England Security Day

UConn will host the New England Security Day on March 15, 2024 at the Innovation Partnership Building | UConn Tech Park. This event showcases cutting-edge research in all areas of cybersecurity from academics and professionals. The audience is a mix of students (undergraduate and graduate) and working researchers. It represents an opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art and recruit phenomenal students from universities across New England. The program committee creating the schedule has participants from Boston University, Brown, UConn, Harvard, UMass, MIT, Northeastern, WPI, and Yale. We encourage attendance and participation from industry. Talks will be accessible to a general audience in cybersecurity so don’t worry if you’re behind on the latest fuzzer, ML methods for intrusion detection, or efficient post-quantum cryptography.

Please register here. If you would like to be more involved please contact Jessica Guilbeault and Benjamin Fuller

Today: Fashion Show at the IPB

Tech Park is excited to host the UConn Black Students Association’s 26th Anniversary Fashion Show: ODYSSEY on Saturday afternoon. The Spring Weekend event is sold out to a crowd of 300. According to BSA president Abby Katz, the show “showcases diversity within blackness and its various intersections with gender, art, and sense of place. It celebrates the role art has played in the growth of the black community, taking the audience on a creative and educational  journey, or odyssey, through time with art.”

IPB Hosts Reception for German Delegates

Consul General of Germany to New England Nicole Menzenbach with UConn VP for Global Affairs Dan Weiner (l) and Dean of School of Engineering Kazem Kazerounian (r)
Consul General of Germany to New England Nicole Menzenbach with UConn VP for Global Affairs Dan Weiner (left) and Dean of School of Engineering Kazem Kazerounian (right)

February 14th – German delegates capped off a full day on the UConn campus with a collegial reception at the Innovation Partnership Building. Consul General of Germany to New England Nicole Menzenbach and Science Liaison Officer Lucius Lichte visited UConn to learn more about its student exchanges, faculty research collaborations, and to understand how best to support UConn programs, especially the Connecticut – Baden-Wuerttemberg Exchange. Hosted by the Office of Global Affairs, the delegates also met with President Herbst, the Human Rights Institute, the Fraunhofer Center, the German Studies Department, and sat in on a German Capstone Course.

A Better Way to Make Acrylics

Acrylics and the closely related acrylates are the building blocks for many kinds of plastics, glues, textiles, dyes, paints, and papers. Now researchers from UConn and ExxonMobil describe a new process for making acrylics that would increase energy efficiency and reduce toxic byproducts. (Getty Images)


  1. UConn Professor Steve Suib’s research with ExxonMobil featured on DoE-Office of Science web site
  2. Professor Suib, director of UConn’s Institute for Materials Science and CAMMA has partnered with colleagues at UConn and ExxonMobil to design a new way of making acrylics at mild temperatures. The novel technique would increase energy efficiency and reduce toxic byproducts, as reported in the Feb. 8 issue of Nature Communications.