Six UConn Teams Innovating Decarbonization this Summer through Unique Eversource Partnership Program


image or house with solar cell panel and electricity battery
Image credit: Vecteezy.com

Congratulations to the six finalists selected for The Clean Energy & Sustainability Innovation Program, a summer initiative backed by a UConn-Eversource partnership. These multidisciplinary student teams receive funding and support from faculty mentors and Eversource personnel to develop their proposed innovative strategies for achieving a sustainable future on local, state, and regional levels. We are excited to see their progress showcased at the Sustainable Clean Energy Fall 2023 Summit at UConn!

Read the full article in UConn Today: https://today.uconn.edu/2023/06/six-uconn-teams-innovating-decarbonization-this-summer-through-unique-eversource-partnership-program/